European Scholarship Programme@DialoguePerspectives

The European Scholarship Programme@DialoguePerspectives is part of the DialoguePerspectives. Discussing Religions and Worldviews programme.

DialoguePerspectives illustrates the religious, political, and societal pluralism of European society in a unique way and allows its participants to work across disciplines and to encounter multipliers of diverse religious and non-religious affiliations.
With the European Scholarship Programme@DialoguePerspectives, the programme is opening itself to European students and doctoral candidates from France, Hungary, Poland, Luxembourg, Sweden and the United Kingdom. We will address a number of new topic areas and in doing so profit from the diversity of experiences the participants bring with them. Topics will include commonalities and differences in the shared lives of religious communities, constitutional prerequisites on the relationship between state and religion and the socio-political and personal implications resulting from them.

Religious Practice

Joint religious practice during the events is, alongside the topical work, a further focal point of the programme. DialoguePerspectives creates a space to both live out your own practices and to get to know the practices of other religious communities and worldviews. Participants create morning inputs in which they can introduce and share with each other their religious and spiritual practices. They forge shared forms of prayer and meditation together, thus developing inclusive concepts, shared practices of prayer that open up new religious and spiritual approaches.

As participant in the European Scholarship Programme@Dialogue Perspectives students will take part in two seminars, one European Leadership Workshop and one International Conference in 2019/20.




German scholarship holders interested in the Dialogperspektiven programme please find all informations on our German website.



DialoguePerspectives offers a unique change of perspective! The programme allows you to really grapple with current and highly societally relevant questions, to reflect on your own identity, and to get to know the diversity of European identities. I am very grateful for the intensive personal discussion and encounters, and the great amount of food for thought that has stuck with me long past the seminars.

Ezgi, DialoguePerspectives participant